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Wisdom Beauty

From the book of “Seer of Shiloh”


                                               Wisdom Beauty


She was regal, really. A cover of a child’s book, a story of a fairy tale princess brought back to life by the kiss of purpose, intertwined with the passion of destiny.


Wisdom Beauty was tall and slender, the face of a reflective diamond.  Her character, though introspective, was one grounded in the tempest of the sea.  An ocean known for its calm beaty, yet, when the wind of a silent storm began, its waves could overturn the direction of any pirate ship and its stolen treasure ignorant enough of thinking the sea was safe.


Wisdom Beauty was the princess, the first lady of Sacred Ground.  An elegance alarming.  At first look one thought she belonged in the pages of the Book.  It took the eyes of the wise to know she was the author.


Determined not to let the eyes of the discerning let her out of her pages, she walked the grounds in between the graces of Sacred Ground with an understatement. The empty halls were graced with light, color and the reflection of art.  As Wisdom Beauty glided down the halls of the pillars of the gilded ground, her memory created pictures of timeless art on the empty walls.  Pictures of children lavishly devouring food from her endless hands of love. Fear struck mothers of bewilderment too tired to cry, reaching up to her with eyes of agony, pleading in a language known only to her, “Help.” Wisdom Beauty always did; sometimes known and sometimes unseen, yet, Wisdom Beauty always did.


She had helped build the pillars of this Sacred Place, there were seven of them.  Dignity, Grace, Perseverance, Faith, Hope and Love,  at the core of all of them was unmovable Compassion. Ambria has watched Wisdom Beauty work effortlessly, yet to the point of exhaustion; her veins fed by her father's word, inspiration and foresight allowed her to envision each incomplete daughter as complete.  As she walked, Wisdom Beauty would notice a prisoner of time trapped in their lack of perception and life skills, she would breathe the future of glorious ruins into their realm of reality;  bring the unseen into the scene.  A look of empathy, a smile of strength and a word of hope.


Glimpses of heaven and its reign of majesty, calling mere men and women to be sons and daughters of the Living God.  There were many times Ambria would need to continue to watch Wisdom Beauty for her own needed strength.  There had certainly been more and more discouraging glimpses of lost desire.  Ambria forced back disdain of her own calling at all spiritual costs.  She knew she had a head for business , yet  a heart for ministry.  A forecable explosive of being able to prosper and multiply.  Ambria did not know how to not excel, create or improve; like a wild horse in all its created majesty she was built to run wild and free, birthed, trained and tried to express parts of her Creator, in excellence, growth and gain.  She simply did not want to run wild, in the wild, anymore.


So Ambria watched for continuel glimpses of Wisdom Beauty for her quiet riot of influence.Her silence was never silent.


Written by Karynn Dawn Pensanti, from parts of her book, The Seer of Shiloh.

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