Re- building the Builder in You.

In this politically charged time of change, has it also affected our physical realities? The lives we have designed for ourselves have been invaded, broken and attacked.

How does one pull together all the new ideas, concepts, raw materials, the plans, the people we will need for support and refinement while we re-orchestrate our lives?

In the Ancient Book of Wisdom we find a story of re-building. It is found in Nehemiah whose name means, “The Lord Comforts”.  It’s interesting that in the first chapter it declares that the Jewish remnant was kept in captivity, great distress, and reproach; the wall of Jerusalem is broken down and its fortified gates have been burned and destroyed by fire”. Though in this era of my life, I find myself in complete understanding of the situation.  I do not see a correlation of “The Lord Comforts”, I do see a correlation of solution in the next verse. “I sat down and wept and mourned for days; and I was fasting and constantly praying before the God of heaven.”

So does this mean that as we rebuild- the builder in us, we start with fasting and constant prayer? I have done the weeping already. Let’s look a little further. In chapter 2 verse 12. “I did not tell anyone what God was putting in my heart.” Nehemiah emphasis that it was not just his own idea to rebuild, the idea had been given to him by God.  And after igniting the officials, the Jews and the Priests in his cause. Nehemiah in verse 20 boldly declares, “The God of heaven has appointed us for His purpose and will give us success.”

Chapter 3 of Nehemiah gives great detail to the” Builders of the Wall”.  As the tribe gathers in this great cause, yes the people and the groups are named, however, what I find more powerful is the action verbs used about the people, consecrated, made the repairs, they built it, covered it, and they repaired the wall! So what is the synopsis so far? We mourn what we have lost, fast from that which will not help us in the strength we are going to need, pray to the God of all creation. Listen for the appointment and His new purposes for our lives, then build the tribe.

Our final thought for this venue will be the sign still till this day, the sign that signals we are on the right track of our re-build, as the title of chapter four states, “Work is Ridiculed”.  Listen to these emotions in the first verse of Chapter 4, as one man can raise an army to rebuild, one man can try and destroy. “He was furious, completely enraged and spoke before the army, Can they restore it for themselves? Can they finish in a day? Can they revive the stones from the heaps of dust and rubbish, even those that have been buried?”

Sound familiar? The political climate, the devastation, man-made emotions trying to overpower the plans and purposes of heaven. Well, the same solution arrived. And Nehemiah prayed, and it was not a timid prayer! “Hear O our God, how we are despised? Return their taunts on their own heads. Give them up as prey in the land of captivity”. A leader indeed. It is difficult to work in a hostile environment. Ambition, courage and preparation are important. I think we have already learned if we are not caerful to ask God to protect us our fear can cripple us as much as the animosity of our enemies.



And in conclusion, in Chapter 4 vs 14, Nehemiah takes action, “When I saw their fear, I stood and said to the nobles and officials and the rest of the people; Do not be afraid of them; confidently remember the Lord who is great and awesome and with courage let Him fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughter’s, your wives, and for your homes “.  Here is the best, vs. 15, “Now when our enemies heard that we knew their plot against us, and that God had frustrated their plan we all returned to the wall, each one to his own work”.

The Wall was finished!

The formula for me this week is fast from fear, pray constantly for direction, listen to what God imprints upon my heart, expect opposition, more prayer, and keep moving in courage, preparation, and build.

To my readers, I hope this brought you encouragement and the clear understanding that whatever era we live in there will be devastation and change, however there is one thing that will never change, our God in heaven who is willing to make the re-builder in us stronger and more equipped. He will give us the guidance and success we need during these unprecedented times.

Karynn Dawn Pensanti